Family Support Services

Family Support Services

house-imageFIRST PLACE FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES (FSS) currently manages and case manages ten units of transitional housing and three sets of permanent housing totaling 41 units of permanent housing throughout the Seattle area. All families in our housing program and school program receive case management services.

FSS also serves families enrolled in our school but are in permanent, transitional or shelter housing from one of our partner agencies. Families living in our housing program are not required to have their student attend First Place, but may do so.

Our case management model is built on five Core Competencies; we see these competencies as the pillars to a foundation that will help the family move towards self-sufficiency. The Core Competencies revolve around the following areas:

  • Housing
  • Education/training
  • Job readiness/employment
  • Life skills
  • Health/mental health

Case Managers work in a variety of capacities with families using the Core Competencies model, all based on the individual families’ needs.
First Place’s strength-based case management model builds on the existing strengths of the family and focuses on competencies that support self-sufficiency. Based on the assessment, clients are referred to First Place partners for health services, chemical dependency programs, benefit programs (TANF, food-stamps, SSI/SSA), legal aid programs, domestic violence services, veteran’s services and other community providers as needed.
Our Case Managers guide, support, and provide the necessary tools for a family to continue managing their everyday life and be on the road to self-sufficiency. The scope of our case managers work includes:
• Enrolling new clients seeking services;
• Identifying family needs and developing an action plan with reasonable goals and strategies that help the family move towards self-sufficiency;
• Conducting regular check-ins to ensure progress against plan;
• Maintaining active case files, supporting students in the school; and meeting relevant reporting requirements.
Our case managers’ intake interview develops an understanding of the culturally-based needs: families are asked to address their specific needs and participate in the development of the plan to accomplish their goal of overcoming stable housing barriers.

We utilize the Language Bank and the families’ own advocates to facilitate communication during the intake process. Often, we find that families have an advocate through prior relationships, faith communities, etc. who, when asked, are willing to help ensure the family’s specific cultural-based needs are understood. As needed, we offer access to resources as are appropriate for each family’s unique circumstances.

First Place Family Support Services maintains many formalized relationships with organizations throughout the area in order to garner services and support for our First Place clients.

Local organizations that we collaborate with to provide services include: Compass Housing Alliance, Solid Ground, Family Housing Connection, the Seattle/King County Employment Council, local community college training and educational programs; Catholic Community Services; Goodwill Job Training Center; The Language Bank; publicly funded drug and alcohol treatment programs; Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic of Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center and Health Care for the Homeless Network for comprehensive family health services. Case managers work with clients to assess needs and action plans, connecting clients to resources as needed.

Family Support Services Staff

Jamal Hussein | Family Support/Social Worker
Joyce Scoggins | Director of Volunteer Services | 
Tina Mapelli | Case Manager for Housing |

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