Volunteering at First Place

Volunteers (adults, students and groups) are a vital part of First Place programs and activities. Over 300 individuals offer their time to First Place each year and volunteer over 5,028 hours of service.

We have opportunities to accommodate almost any type of skill or schedule including daytime, evening and weekends, high school and college community service and group volunteer projects. Volunteers may work directly with students, or in other areas such as administration, marketing and fund development. We also welcome volunteers with special skills like website administration, graphic design, and so on! Just let us know your talents and we will find a place for you.

Time Commitment

Volunteer positions that work directly with students have set schedules from mid-September through mid-June.  Our school is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00pm. Volunteers working in other areas may have more flexible hours.

Qualifications and Requirements

Each volunteer will have to fill out a volunteer application and pass a Washington State  background check.

Volunteers who work with our children must be at least 15 ½  years old.

If you are under 15 ½ years old you can still help through hosting a donation drive or through one of our creative giving ideas.


First Place volunteers will experience challenging and rewarding experiences working with our students. Some helpful skills that First Place volunteers have and/or will learn are:

  • Building positive relationships with students to improve self-esteem
  • Using non-punitive ways to encourage students’ development of life skills
  • Developing strong boundaries and healthy limits
  • Taking time for training with students to clarify expectations
  • Using “teachable moments” when students make mistakes while encouraging students to take risks
  • Using practical problem-solving methods to show students how to see problems as learning opportunities
  • Allowing some special time to spend with students to help them develop a sense of belonging and significance

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with First Place, please contact Joyce Scoggins at jscoggins@firstplaceschool.org.