Have a Heart Day

Our 4th-6th grade teacher, Ms. Reed, talks about recent political developments in her class!

Room 304 tends to be active in politics!  The class recently had a school-wide election for school officers.  My students wrote and delivered campaign speeches to each class, including the kindergarteners.  The vote was close, and now we have a President (Tatiana Hernandez), a Vice-President (Ricky Hernandez), a Secretary (Kenji Spurgeon) and a Treasurer (Shaela Clarke).  We will start meeting to plan ways to help our school and plan fun school-wide activities.

We recently returned from Olympia for “Have a Heart Day,” where my students had the opportunity to meet with legislators to discuss issues the kids care about.  This year, we are focusing on the budget, especially budget cuts that will affect our lives.

In preparation for “Have a Heart Day,” the kids all watched The State of the Union address with their parents and gained background on the big issues facing our community – the need for jobs, for health care and the need to keep within our budget.   We also read Governor Gregoire’s budget message, to learn about the more specific budget challenges facing our state..  We also had in-house experts come talk to the classs – Samantha Stork speaking about homelessness and relevant budget issues, Kristy Flagel speaking about budget issues relating to education, and Regina Chambers speaking about the health care budget and cuts.  The kids chose the issue they care most about and wrote letters on those topics to bring to Olympia.

At First Place, we feel it is very important to teach our students to advocate for themselves and for their beliefs– although they aren’t yet old enough to vote, they CAN make their voices heard among our elected officials!

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